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Aim & Objectives

The objectives for establishing the Association:
  1. To advance the knowledge and practice of cardiology in Malaysia
  2. To promote research in cardiology
  3. To promote regional and international co-operation in cardiology
  4. To receive and publish literature and scientific works in cardiology
  5. To organize clinical meetings, seminars, conventions, including all acts and things incidental or subsidiary pertaining to the objectives of the Association
  6. To borrow and raise money and to invest any monies of the Association not immediately required for any of its objectives, in a manner seen fit by the Association from time to time
  7. To serve as the media / public representative in relation to educating and directing public opinion on issues relating to cardiology and its affects on community at large
  8. To work closely with other societies fostering similar objectives as the Association

Member Benefits

  1. The privilege of membership is the entitlement to participate in all the activities arranged or organized by the Council or Association
  2. Free Society's Newsletter and publications


  • Ordinary Member

    Ordinary membership shall be open to any medical practitioner who is fully registered, provisionally registered or conditionally registered with the Malaysian Medical Council; and those terms shall have the meaning assigned to them by the Medical Registration Ordinance currently in force; an ordinary member is a medical practitioner who is practicing cardiology or who has special interests in cardiovascular medicine.
  • Life Member

    Life membership of the Association shall be open to medical practitioners who have been an ordinary member of the Association for at least 2 years.
  • Fellow

    Fellowship shall be conferred upon an Ordinary member who have applied to the credentialing committee and met the criteria set by the committee. Fellows of the NHAM must continue to maintain their financial membership. Fellows of the NHAM shall have the right to use the post-nominal identification FNHAM.
  • Associate Member

    Associate Membership shall be open to para-medical personnel and scientific workers other than medical practitioners in fields related to cardiology.
  • Honorary Fellow

    Honorary Fellow may be conferred on those who are distinguished cardiologists residing outside Malaysia who have close links with the Association and are elected by the Council of the Association. This category of membership may also be conferred on distinguished persons who have rendered notable service to the Association. Nominations for Honorary Fellow will be made by Council but their election for this category of membership will be by a majority vote of the general body at its General Meeting.

Subscription Fees

(a) Ordinary Member RM50.00 per year
(b) Associate Member RM30.00 per year
(c) Life Member After having been an Ordinary Member for two years RM1,000.00
(d) All members age 65 and above WAIVED

**Pre-payment of two years in advance is required for every new member.

Payments can be made either via cheque to:

  1. Cheque should be made payable to "National Heart Association of Malaysia"
  2. Write your full name & "AFC Membership Fee" on the reverse side of your cheque
  3. Mail the cheque to AFC office:
    D-13A-06, Menara Suezcap 1, KL Gateway,
    No.2 Jalan Kerinchi,
    Gerbang Kerinchi Lestari,
    59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Or via Internet banking to:

  1. Account Name: National Heart Association of Malaysia
  2. Account Number: 202-598421-105
  3. Beneficiary Bank: HSBC Bank Malaysia Berhad
  4. Bank Address: 17-23, Jalan Sultan, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia
  5. Bank Tel. No. : +603-2050 7188
  6. Swift Code: HBMBMYKL
  7. Write your full name & "AFC Membership Fee" on the transaction slip
  8. For online banking, please include your full name and remark "AFC Membership Fee" in the comment box
  9. Please provide copy of the transaction slip as proof of payment (fax to +603-7932 1400 or email to